weekly fight for joy

Every Sunday i’m going to (try) share with you the joy from the week that has helped me fight.

fight the good fight: “Pursue a righteous life—a life of wonder, faith, love, steadiness, courtesy. Run hard and fast in the faith. Seize the eternal life, the life you were called to, the life you so fervently embraced in the presence of so many witnesses.” – 1 Timothy 6:12 MSG

I’m pressing into these next few days before Ash Wednesday, thinking about Jesus and the expression of His Love through my life.  These people helped me fight for the joy this week:

“That’s the point: What God’s graciously given you is always enough to be abundant grace for someone else.” from Ann

This love:

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I love this woman so much.. and she makes it easy to giggle and not take life too seriously : Mel and the Squirrels

I’m also loving her new book and think you should just squirrel yourself on over and pick up a copy. Go do it.










The beauty and sacredness of praying those friends to Haiti -











Precious marriage post from my dear friend, Suzanne :

Marriage Shot in the Arm

The love, grace & hilarity of all things Allume and the FABULOUS twitter party and celebration we had with these girls:(click on that photo.. dare ya)

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It’s been a good fighting for joy week.  How about you?

here is where He has me


photo credit: International Leadership Institute

There are so many new views from this landscape.

The doing part and the belonging to community part of life came and went so swiftly.

God very clearly and softly answered a decades long prayer of my heart and our family’s heart when He brought us to South Carolina.

It’s all so shocking that its taken me months to process the overflow of the obedience, the swiftness of the sale of our home and the purchasing of another. The continued provision of service and career along with the monetary foundation.

How quickly He started revealing what He frequently doesn’t very  often.

His plan.

He began to reveal to us through one detail after another what He’d actually had in motion for years. A new season completely for our family and most importantly for our marriage.

A friend recently called this the year of the fallow for us:

fal·low -plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid surplus production.

After over a decade of having a husband who traveled weeks at a time overseas and raising three amazing kiddos…

this year.. He’s giving us the chance to fall back in love with Him, His Word and each other.  He’s allowing us the time to leave the land unsown and allow the richness and fullness of the new crop to surprise and delight us.

Fallow is hard. Fallow is isolating.. but the season of fallow is full of love and extreme obedience and we’re going to persevere and rest in it.

Is there a fallowed landscape in your current season?  If so, what does it look like?